dear gifted girl,

Dear Gifted Girl,

I thought of you today…I mulled over how much you’ve added this year — to people, to places, and projects of all kinds. You’ve shared your wisdom and experience from the lessons you learned, sometimes as learning was happening.

The pressure was different this year, yet you leaned into it. You let it carry you to the next place of insight and understanding. My, how you’ve grown. I hope that inspires a smile from deep within you, and that you remain confident in your metamorphosis…change with change until your change comes. 

I want you to know I’m rooting for you. 

Change was not always good, and did not always feel good…but you endured with grace. I want you to remember who you are. Do not let the low tide of public opinion drag you from your grace-filled and miraculous life of water walking. I thought of you while fighting for focus and decided to live this “queen life”. I succeeded, and so will you. It works, when we let Abba lead us. 

So, it may not feel like grace…but it is. You may feel like what you do is a distant relative ten times removed from miraculous…but your life makes residual impacts. It may feel more like drowning (living under) than overcoming, but you are a winner. This is more than encouragement, gifted girl; this is fact. Truth.

Keep ascending. Stay in process. And, above all, cultivate a glad heart. 

With all my love…

4 Comments on “dear gifted girl,

  1. I’m sitting here crying…with this big silly grin on my face! You have so eloquently tapped into my journey. This past year has been so…strangely different and difficult and rewarding all together! I wasn’t sure if I was still ascending at all. Things have felt out of kilter, but, oh, I have grown! Just this past weekend I faced a challenge and came through with flying colors! I realized that it truly was a process authored by my Abba to birth a strength and to cement a faith that I have never known. I know that He is preparing me for something amazing. And I am humbled that even in the midst of these challenges He has allowed/helped me to still minister truth and strength and hope and wisdom and grace to others as well! HE truly is a wonder in my soul!

    Thank you, Lady Shaunta, for your gift of love!!! I am vindicated and encouraged.

    I love you to LIFE!!!

    Elder Donna

  2. This was soooo on time! I can’t even express the level on which this ministered to me… All I can say is Amen and God bless you!

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