Watch Out for Intimate Soul Ties

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Blessings Kingdom Queens!

We are nearly done assessing the seat of the strange woman and how to avoid it. Thank you for sticking with us to learn the value of and the need for God’s wisdom at work in us. It’s been quite a ride!

This lesson set our focus on Proverbs 5:1-14, 23. Wow! Chapter headings in most bibles say something about sexual sin or adultery. We approached this chapter and its truth about the strange woman from the broader concept of intimate soul ties. We did this because sex is not the hangup for all, and neither does its emphasis make the point we need to get from Scripture. However, sex does create a soul tie and from that base we can understand the importance of guarding our hearts in wisdom.

In Proverbs 5 the strange woman is compared to honey and oil. Her lips drip with honey and her mouth is smoother than oil. Basically she’s a slick chick! This spirit has experience with flattery and smooth talk, the kind that can seduce us then detour us away from the Way of God.

With wisdom we disarm the strange woman at her points of advantage. We pay attention to what wisdom has to say to us or show us. We also lend our ear to the voice of wisdom. We have to choose not to leave wisdom (v. 7). And, we are clearly commanded to remove our way from the strange woman and not to go near her door (v. 8).

The consequence of tying our souls up with this spirit is listed in verses 9-13. We will look up suddenly in mourning, at the grief and loss, and the destruction of our flesh and body (v. 11). And we will confess at that time —

  1. I hated instruction (The teaching that does not scratch the itching ear is the teaching that will save.)
  2. My heart despised correction (This suggests that correction can help us avoid the strange woman’s seat.)
  3. I disobeyed my teachers (When I did hear teaching, I either did the opposite of the teaching or I did nothing.)
  4. I ignored my teachers (The teaching always continues. The Father in His mercy, retains voices to teach His ways.)
  5. I was on the verge of total ruin in the midst of the assembly and congregation (Remember the end of those who turn to the strange woman..and consider that all this happens in the midst of the congregation. Remember that the strange woman’s heart belongs to another, but she has a frame of reference for God. We know this because Proverbs 2 says she ignores over and over the covenant of God.)

Let’s set ourselves to be taught by God’s ordained voices of wisdom. Let’s get our itching ear healed and let truth save (deliver) us! Let’s allow our guides, mentors, and counselors to do their job with us…and complete the assignments they give us!

Just like Peter’s speech betrayed him as a disciple of Jesus, so the speech of the spirit of the strange woman will betray it.

We pray the prayer of old…Lord, strengthen us where we’re weak. Build us up where we’re torn down. Be strong in us when we confront this spirit. Help us to manage our ego, to get our affirmation from you, so we won’t be vulnerable to the flattery of the strange woman. Amen.

Stick with us, we’re moving forward in wisdom! Love to all…

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