Good communicator or good complainer?

This morning I woke up with a question. I believe Holy Spirit meant it for me. I say that so you know I have no targets. But, it is a great question — I mean, I could not do anything but be still and meditate and let that question search me. I had to consider the people who came to mind when He asked, and then compare myself. Do I do what I dislike in them? The question was about communication and, in a way, presentation. Holy Spirit asked me,

Are you a good communicator, or a good complainer?

I know, right?! Ouch…and, hmmm. Good communication means that the intended message reached the recipient (e.g., hearer, reader, etc.). It suggests that you and others know what you mean when you speak or by your actions. It infers a reputation for clarity. I consider how many times things I say make sense to me, and are clear as a bell in my head, but to others not so much. As well I consider the people who get frustrated with me when I do not understand their conversation in sound bites, or phrases subjective to their experience.

A good complainer, on the other hand, we all understand. When we’re unhappy, everyone knows it. Unless we’re the manipulative passive-aggressive type…then, we throw up what we’ve done and for how long to get across what boils down to a simple point that would have been better communicated.

Take this question, and drop it in the middle of the strange woman lessons. Strange means belonging to another. The very simple and convicting point is this — good communication is on the path to reigning. Good complaining is not. Good communication adds to our good name. Good complaining tarnishes the crown.

Consider this today, before you go off. Think about how you come across to others. Take enough time to own your habits of communication or complaining. And then, decide to change or improve.

Selah, and love to all.

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