There is a Difference

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We opened the book on the strange woman and wow, there is much to learn! The Lord gave us the baseline definition of strange from its first mention in Scripture.

Foreign. Alien. Belonging to another.

Then, He took us to the first mention of strange woman. It is in Judges 11:1-2 where we meet Jephthah the Gileadite and learn he is “the son of a strange woman”. Other versions render her a harlot or prostitute. The Jewish record calls her an Ishmaelite. The reason she is mentioned is to highlight for us a contrast.

Context. Judges 10 ends with a question about who will be the next leader for the people. Judges 11 follows with Jephthah’s story. Lineage is established through the father, and in that we find Gilead is the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, the firstborn son of Joseph who received the lesser blessing under his younger brother Ephraim (Genesis 48:14, 18-20).

Remember in this set of lessons the redemptive work of God. These examples we study are set in another time and dispensation. We, praise the Lord, have the benefit of salvation through the blood of Jesus.

This is why the first important fact about the strange woman is that she is different from the Kingdom Queen, but that for our current application, God made a way out even for her. Hallelujah!

Who is the strange woman? She is foreign. She is alien. She belongs to another. She is not the legitimate wife. She is the concubine, the other woman. She agrees with a lower level of life, an inferior flesh connection instead of a Spirit connection.

Kingdom Queens, we have our position by divine right. Let’s not demote ourselves by trying to insert ourselves and our authority where our King is not Lord over all. Let’s not leave our seat in the name of Kingdom. That is not Kingdom. That is strange. We operate at the pleasure of the King, regardless of the pulls and draws to do other things. Let’s not unseat ourselves.

Keep tracking with us as we study the strange woman and continue building the profile of her characteristics. We’re back on the line October 15 at 8PM Central. Make plans to join us.

Love to all.

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