Take Joy in His Ear Toward You

My sweet Kingdom Queens,

On the heels of the prayer encouragement, I am impressed to encourage you to ask the Lord to send back the report or the answer to prayer when He calls you to a prayer assignment. I made a Facebook post to this effect and was pricked to give a bit more detail in this forum.

Years ago, a great woman who is like a mother to me in many ways, shared a prayer secret with me. I was at her home and she taught me that when we ask the Lord for something, especially in intercession for others, we can also ask Him to send back the report. That is, for Him to send us word of His answer.

When you do this, though, be sure not to consider yourself and your requests first.

Over the last few months, I offered many personal petitions. The reports that came back, though, were from others who allowed me to pray for them. They were amazed at the answered prayer in their favor, and shared their good news. Each time I cried, and I continue to cry when I consider the faithfulness of our God. He sent the report.

While we wait for our answer sometimes our hearts can be pressed — weary, tired, sad. As stated in another entry, pray the Father will make our hearts glad while hope is deferred. When we come to ourselves we will realize the truth of hope for us…that we have a familiar voice in the heavens.

He hears us when we pray. Period. He hears us when we pray for others. He hears us when we ask for the report.

Take joy, reigning one, in our greater reality. The God of wonders, great and mighty in all the earth…hears…you (and me!). Alleluia!

One Comment on “Take Joy in His Ear Toward You

  1. Thank you so much! I have never even thought to ask! I can identify with everything you said here. Thank you for the encouragement!

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