Prayer Encouragement

Dear Ones,

It has been on me this week to write this note of prayer encouragement, and I just received the Scripture to share. Please consider Philippians 4:6. It says,

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

I quote my mentor when I say, “If you can worry, then you can pray.” Tonight I went to hear her preach a revival and in the message she said, “If you’re not praying for me, then you’re not staying with me.” (Ouch!)

Instead of worrying, pray. And when you pray, pray about every thing. And about those things, make sure your heart offers the Lord sincere thanks.

It is not by counsel, nor praise, nor worship that we alert God to our requests. It is by prayer… in EVERY thing. It is not by complaint, nor murmur, nor a hardening of the heart that we petition the Father about our most personal needs. It is by prayer…and SUPPLICATION.

Kingdom Queens pray. Prayer for us is not a vent nor a good cry. Prayer is our lifeline. It is our never-busy connection to the Lord. I exhort us to keep praying, in faith, with thanks. Research and remember the promises of Scripture. Place our faith there, and then petition from a glad heart.

Stay focused, stay seated…and, pray without ceasing.

Father, make our hearts glad to come to You boldly, to quietly experience Your love from the inside out, and to continue in transformation. Amen.

Love to all.

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