The Scorner’s Redemptive Return

Click here to listen: How the Scorner Returns to God

Kingdom Queens, we closed the book on the seat of the scornful in our last call. We discovered the three biblical responses to the scorner, and then found the redemptive road for the scorner back to God. Powerful! [I know we get excited about money coming, and needs supplied, but God creating a path out of sin is real provision!]

Be warned that these biblical responses are not what we might expect.

  1. Drive out the scorner. Proverbs 22:10 is the essential character profile of the scorner.  It says that when we drive out or cast out the scorner, then contention goes too. As well, strife and dishonor make an exit. WOW. Did you catch that?
  2. Strike the scorner. Proverbs 19:25 says that when the scorner is made a public example, then the naive or the simple gain some wisdom.
  3. Punish the scorner. Proverbs 21:11, similar to the previous verse, says that to make scorner an example (to rebuke the behavior) positively affects the naive.

Then, the way back to God. This is the appropriate supplication prayer when we feel our souls on the descent to rest in the seat of the scornful. This prayer is Psalm 123. Take note of verses three and four. They are the confession and acknowledgement of a soul “filled with the scorning” of those at ease and the contempt of the proud.

What is redemptive about Psalm 123? Well, if you recall, the scorner is UNAWARE of her offense toward God. So, to make confession means that God got through to her. Like servants look to their masters, says this psalm, so we look to God to extend grace. The scorner does not have to live in cycles of scorn between she and God. There is a redemptive path out…but we do not witness the scorner out. We do not persuade the scorner out. God deals with the scorner. Only in the necessary contexts do we drive out, strike and punish.

Thank the Lord for this insight. We’re back on the line October 1st to investigate the next seat…the seat of the strange woman. Oh Lord, help! Make sure you’re with us for these lessons.

Love to all.

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