Father, May I?

Kingdom Queens,

A not-so-random thought crossed my mind about a childhood game most of us remember.  It’s called “Mother May I”. Remember that? Someone played the mother and gave a command — hop three steps forward, take five baby steps backward, make one giant step forward, and so on. The person who received the command, before she could move, had to say, “Mother may I?” The person acting as the mother replied, “Yes you may.”  IF the person who received the command DID NOT ask this key question, then she had to go back to her starting point.

With a few recent life events, I encouraged myself. I said, ” I will remain seated. I will not unseat myself.” Then a few days later, this thought passes through my mind. These life events affected me deeply, especially emotionally, and I knew enough to know that I was on the edge and wanted (and needed!) to use extreme caution (and even restraint) in speech, action, and thought.

God's designFather, may I ______? Silence. Translation: support yourself and stay seated. At The Queen Life Live, my seatofscornpastor made a contrast between the seat of the scornful (pictured right) and God’s assigned seat for us (pictured left). In the former, we may have comfort and support in the wrong place…false fellowship. In the scorner’s seat, we have the wrong focus. We look too hard on the things that are seen (aka temporal things). In our assigned seat, there is no cushion and there may be no support but we have to steady ourselves. We have to close our mouths, stay sweet, and give God glory in our seat. We are not to be convinced or provoked to rise up just because another is content to be discontent in the seat of the scornful…and wants our company there!

That is my point. When staying seated means asking to rise, then we can be rational above emotion. We bring heaven to earth, and involve the Father before we step out of turn and have to start our first works over. God forbid. We let ourselves appear weak, helpless or defenseless to stay seated. We humble down in the face of loud, showy and haughty spirits — just to remain in position. This pleases the Father…and kills the right part of us.

Sometimes, we simply need ask “Father, may I?” and hear the implied No so that we sit up straight, and remain seated. We can trace our fingers over the crown, reinforce our grip on the scepter (authority), and remind ourselves that even though we feel like a woman on the edge…and want to carry through with what people on the edge do to get relief…we must stay seated.

When we come through this test and realize we are still seated, we can release that deep breath we held back and breathe out the lyrics to this old 100, thankful for His work from the inside out —

He touched me. Oh, He touched me.

And oh the joy that floods my soul

Something happened and now I know

He touched me and made me whole.

Hallelujah! I’m thankful for His presence…from my seat! Aren’t you?!

Love to all. We’re back on the line Tuesday, September 17th at 8PM Central. Join us — (218) 862-6400, code 6360503.

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