Month: September 2013

Take Joy in His Ear Toward You

My sweet Kingdom Queens, On the heels of the prayer encouragement, I am impressed to encourage you to ask the Lord to send back the report or the answer to prayer when He calls you to a prayer assignment. I made a Facebook post… Continue Reading “Take Joy in His Ear Toward You”

Prayer Encouragement

Dear Ones, It has been on me this week to write this note of prayer encouragement, and I just received the Scripture to share. Please consider Philippians 4:6. It says, Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving… Continue Reading “Prayer Encouragement”

Going Up to Bethel (A Strange Invitation)

Kingdom Queens, Welcome to our next seat of focus in this emphasis on royal posture. It is the seat of the strange woman. Seat offers us a few applications: the position of the heart, the place of rest or stopping, one’s nature, attitude, lifestyle,… Continue Reading “Going Up to Bethel (A Strange Invitation)”

The Scorner’s Redemptive Return

Click here to listen: How the Scorner Returns to God Kingdom Queens, we closed the book on the seat of the scornful in our last call. We discovered the three biblical responses to the scorner, and then found the redemptive road for the scorner back… Continue Reading “The Scorner’s Redemptive Return”

Father, May I?

Kingdom Queens, A not-so-random thought crossed my mind about a childhood game most of us remember.  It’s called “Mother May I”. Remember that? Someone played the mother and gave a command — hop three steps forward, take five baby steps backward, make one giant… Continue Reading “Father, May I?”

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