A Seat that Avoids Correction

As I continue to study, I am “finding” more verses about the scorner. A handout is coming… (smile)

The final consideration about the seat of the scornful is it is a seat that avoids correction. Let’s consider Proverbs 15:12.

A scorner loveth not one that reproveth him: neither will he go unto the wise.

Avoiding correction results in breached relationships. Think about it — how many times do you repeat the “more excellent way” to one who very clearly (either verbally or by body language) lets you know she is not interested? You don’t keep going back, unless the Lord graces you for the assignment. Other than that, you wait and pray for an open door and try again later.

The scorner creates a breach by being unyielding and manipulative. She hears only what she wants to hear (her ears itch). She is not teachable.

The scorner won’t even go to the wise. This suggests that the scorner knows where the answer is, and deep down, also knows that the answer she needs requires a change of environment…a change of seats…a change of company.  They don’t want to hear change and responsibility and accountability.  They would rather scoff, mock, and scorn in what seems like comfort.

Now, that we looked at all the highlights about this seat, let’s review.

The seat of the scornful is –

  1. A seat of cycles where God repays with scorn
  2. A cursed seat of distance from God
  3. A seat with judgments in the queue
  4. A seat without wisdom
  5. And, a seat that avoids correction

We are back on the line soon, and will begin with prayer. After all the Father is showing us about scorn and how seriously He takes it, I think prayer is in order. Don’t you?

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