Mission Accomplished (at least for now)

One week later, and life goes on. We keep reading, keep seeking, keep watching for the movement of God’s hand. We continue to fast, and pray, and be faithful stewards of what God’s put in our hands to do.

But me, I think I’m still in last Friday. I think I’m still at The Queen Life Live. I’m debriefing the event, considering the details. I hear certain phrases echoing in my mind, like when my pastor asked the audience to help The Queen Life message go viral. Wouldn’t that be sweet? I recall the faces of those who made a long journey to support my effort, and their kind words of endorsement afterward. Imprinted forever in my memory is the image of my mother, in her summer white on the front row, taking in the word with everyone else. Then, there are the ideas — how to enhance, how to package if indeed this live event broke me through to the rumblings of a kind of mobile movement.

Tomorrow, I will likely be in last Saturday. We had the privilege to pray for the house who hosted The Queen Life. As the prayer team on the ground continues to plug away in prayer, my hope is they remember they are WELL ABLE. I hope I remember the same for myself. I want to believe that marks of prayer are indelible, that they build up into a marvelous manifestation of glory yes, but also change.

I learned a lot preparing for The Queen Life Live. No, not everyone who was supposed to be there was there… Yes, for this assignment I fulfilled my obedience. Hallelujah. For that I am most grateful.

QLLWhat is my encouragement to you? Do it. Obey. Write the vision. Get past it and still live there, in an obedient space…and live to do it all again with something else. I include one of my favorite moments captured from the event. This is what I feel like, after the live event. I am full of vision, and energized for prayer and service. I am excited about this next year of lessons on how to stay in our seat. I am excited that a diverse group of people allowed me to present the feminine approach to Kingdom living called The Queen Life. The Lord was with us, helped us, and endorsed all efforts with His presence. Obedience brings growth, I am finding, and an amazing opportunity to become “ruler over many” as the Lord leads through more cycles of proving and development.

I hope you’re encouraged in your obedience process. Do it, and do it all. Do it , and do it just the way you see it unfolding in your mind. Ask the Lord for more. Do it, especially if you have no idea how to do it. Watch Him bring your team together and create a divine cohesion.

We’ve come this far. Let’s keep ascending. Love to all, and more details to follow about how you can hear the teaching “Avoiding the Seat of the Scornful” from this live event.

Note: There are no teaching calls scheduled for August. We are back on the line Tuesday, September 3rd at 8PM Central. 

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