Queenly Character, the Conclusion

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It is kind of surreal to arrive at the conclusion of the Queenly Character series. It’s been a blessing, and thank God for putting a demand on our spirits in this time to produce a quality reign with and for Him. He is a genius!

We reviewed the eight jewels in our crown of queenly character, and considered how we might be tested as this character is worked out in us toward maturity. Here is the recap.

PRUDENCE – (tests of covenant) Prudence is the intelligent knowledge of the reason for a thing. Pay attention to people, things, and situations that may look like a “sign” but really come to draw us away from God ordained covenant.

PETITION – (tests of boldness and the temptation to be silent) The daughters of Zelophehad taught us how to ask for a thing in the time a thing is being given. Let’s not hide behind what is familiar, even in prayer, but let’s ask for what is available.

SAFETY – (tests of tale bearing creating breaches) Queen Athaliah and her daughter Jehosheba gave us a stark contrast on a dangerous woman and a safe woman, respectively. Jehosheba saw divine life through the mess. Be careful when tempted to throw others under the bus…to “expose” because “it’s the truth anyhow”. Rule well, be responsible with information, and be safe for others.

JUDGMENT – (tests of position, responsibility & weighty decisions) Deborah the prophetess taught about staying in a position to judge. Pay attention to the inducements to go low, think low, and be low. Let’s be persuaded about where God placed us, and determine to stay there…not fleeing from the divine call and the responsibility.

MERCY – (tests of patience and of the flesh) Mercy is not partial, but available to all. Let’s see the value in others and have a heart to preserve, not tear apart. Let’s develop the ability to humble down in those moments we want to give others “a piece of our mind”.

SUPPLICATION – (tests of false humility, which is pride) Hannah was our guide on this journey of praying for ourselves. Let’s not be tricked into silence by shame, guilt or condemnation. Instead let’s drop our issues at the feet of the resurrected Christ, and be raised up again in strength and power. Turn down the volume on Peninnah, and send her packing!

WILLINGNESS – (tests of the will) Rebekah was an example of accepted willingness in the face of an option. No one decided for her in a culture of arranged marriages. She was presented an opportunity, and said, “I will go.” Rebekah could have said no, but her life would have taken a different path. Mary the mother of Jesus showed us borne willingness through the submitted heart and said, “Be it unto me according to Thy Word.”  She was chosen and could only say yes. This was her assignment.

LOVE – (tests of the heart) This is a repeat encouragement to permit ourselves to love God’s way. Loving others our way is never good enough. Let’s learn to love God’s way…and acknowledge our need to grow in love…and let the Father perfect us in love.

Well, we’ve done it, Kingdom Queens. This week we move from character to posture. The next set of classes places emphasis on our seats of authority.

Please note that after The Queen Life Live Event this week, our next call will be Tuesday, September 3rd at 8PM Central. Regular entries will go out in August…so stay tuned!

God bless and keep you in your reign.

Love to all.

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