Certificates of Queenly Character

Certificates are issued to show a person completed the requirements of a field and may now practice. They indicate an end of training, and a beginning of application. Today is like that…I feel like we receive certificates of queenly character. The Lord releases us to practice with the new information we learned.

Our God is great, and concerned how we reign. Just as the Bible records in the books of I Kings and II Kings the reigns of monarchs based on how they practiced God’s will, we too move into phases of experience that will show one of two things. Our reigns from this point will reveal our hearts to either “do good in the sight of the Lord” or “do evil in the sight of the Lord”.

As we move forward in the breadth and depth of our known ability and delegated authority, let’s use our powers for good. To the extent that we meditated on these lessons and gained strength and encouragement from the prayer calls, my prayer is for Holy Spirit to remind us of —

    • the daughters of Zelophehad and the power of Petition
    • Athaliah, Jehosheba, and the choices we make to be Safe
    • Hannah’s commitment to process through persistence in the prayer of Supplication (and how to shut down the internal and external Peninnah)
    • Deborah’s example of how to administer our reign in Judgment
    • how Mercy sees the value of others and protects them from penalty
    • Mary’s Borne Willingness to only say yes, and Rebekah’s Accepted Willingness to agree with God’s choice of her
    • our ability to stick and stay in Prudence, which is the power of covenant

Our God is strong in us to perform what He placed in our character to represent Him and to reign with Him. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that works in us. Through study we identified our power, now we enter our various schools to gain supervised practical experience…it’s time to do what the Father said. Selah.

Join us on the line tonight at 8PM Central (218.862.6400, code 6360503). We will conclude the queenly character series and The Queen Life’s 3rd year. Thank God for His faithfulness.

Love to all.


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