Living the Character of Judgment

Well, Kingdom Queens, we’ve come to the end of this road on queenly character. Soon our focus shifts to another aspect of royal living. This final character we consider how to live is judgment. Deborah (Judges 4) introduced us to this queenly characteristic, and taught us these foundational principles–

  1. There is a position of judgment.
    1. Our leadership role must be hidden with Christ in God to be life-giving leadership.
    2. The character of judgment has a fixed position…sets a standard. It stays where people can come up to make their request.
  2. There is a direction for judgment.
    1. We remain aware of our position and personally accountable to stay in a position/character where our judgment is sound.
    2. We remain qualified for service by not catering to what is “low”.
  3. There is power to judge.
    1. The power to command is a function of our reign with Christ. It is delegated authority that works with the people it affects.
    2. We operate wisely with God’s power when our loyalty is to Him, and our position is hidden in Christ.
  4. There is vision with judgment.
    1. We account for all factors before rendering decision. This applies to our personal and reigning lives.
    2. We are not rushed to judgment on an incomplete report (partial information + improper inference = blurry vision = a bad picture = the wrong decision)

We consider what this looks like when Kingdom Queens “be the doing” in their reign and judge righteous judgment in the context of an environment of cycles (sin-oppression-deliverance). Deborah was set in place during an oppressive time.

Discernment is not enough. Judgment requires divine problem solving ability. The royal character of judgment works in us a mind to release God’s solution. It is the Word of God that heals and delivers from destructive patterns and results caused by oppression and oppressive spirits. We must reign well. Yes? Yes!

This lesson places the last jewel in our crown. Join us for this study at tonight at 8PM Central. Dial in at (218) 862-6400 and use access code 6360503. We’ll meet you on the line!

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