We Weren’t Born That Way…so Let’s Pray.

Not long ago, we dedicated an entire month to praying for men – God’s men, and men everywhere. We took a lot of names and called each one. The Lord spoke carefully and specifically over each name. We were practicing the queenly character of petition, giving our time and energy in prayer for the men in our lives and for men we may never meet.

This week’s prayer call is different. This is our call. I know I’ve sent an invitation to attend already, but then I thought of the words of a wise woman in Scripture. She is King Lemuel’s mother and in Proverbs 31 she tells him about kingly conduct. As well, she describes in detail some aspects of queenly character. Let’s consider verse 26.

She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. (NASB)

When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. (NLT)

I know right?! Let’s tell the truth: we were not born with wisdom, speaking words that are wise, and making requests (instead of demands) with kindness. We were not born merciful. We were not born safe, like Jehosheba. We were not born with good judgment, like Deborah. We likely arrived with a measure of petition and supplication…for ourselves.

Thank God that He knew us before we were conceived. And, thank Him that He answers  the prayer that will conform our image to Christ’s image and bring Him glory.

That is why we pray, and why this week’s prayer call is just for us. We want the Word we have been studying about queenly character to sit on us, to be hidden in our hearts, and to transform our thinking. Renewal…in the spirit of the mind. Much fruit on the branches of our lives still connected to Him, the vine.

I just want to look like Him. We all do.

Prayer is the tool this week. Join us on the line at 8PM Central at (218) 862-6400 and use access code 6360503.

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