Living the Character of Willingness

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At some point, we come back to ourselves and remember our love for God and His constant, unwavering love toward us. We shake ourselves, take courage and do what is necessary to come back to our Father. We open our hearts, renew our commitments, and find desire again…to live a holy and submitted life, to serve without entitlement, to believe all things, and to love without fear. We locate the desire for these again, recalling that only in Him can we live, serve, believe and love. We become willing.

But before that, we struggle with our plan — the one that undoubtedly tells us we have so much farther to go to get to where God wants us. You do know that plan, don’t you?

Before we become willing we struggle with others — those we misread for Kingdom connections and godly acquaintances who want us, but do not want our desire for godly things. We also struggle with others, those who know us, love us, but support us to a point…their point (of view, of logic, etc.). You do know that ties like these cannot coexist with willing desire to please God, don’t you?

We even struggle internally, not knowing the return in the future for what we sacrifice now. We contend with fear and fight for hope, all the while aware that this may all be a test. We exhaust ourselves in continuous battles of self-loathing and comparison to others…and our willing desire is cut off.

But when we are willing, we appreciate the struggles and the lessons and the image of Christ forming in and through us. We count the cost, and with a smile this time, we tell the Lord another “Yes”.

Willingness unto obedience. This is where we are headed. Love to all.

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