Sweet Dreams – An Object Lesson in Willingness

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You know, sometimes other people can see in you an ability that is literally beyond you. My mother and one of my most faithful intercessors were uber-excited (that’s like “very excited”) when I told them last year that I was going to host a live teaching taping. I felt a leading, believe it or not. I shared the idea with my pastor, who gave a speedy green light.

From the moment I announced my intention, the butterflies began — can I really do this? Who will come to hear me? And more…But under the nerves was the firm and constant sense that this teaching on what the Bible says about dreams was necessary, that the Body needed encouragement from God’s Word on how to approach the dream interpretation process. The strength of purpose was greater than the uneasiness.

Each Monday morning for a few months, intercessors faithfully met me on the prayer line to cover all aspects of the taping. If I overslept because I was up late doing homework or at church or sick, they met without me. And little by little, the ideas came, the structure was set, and the plan was rolling. My home church graciously allowed me to use the sanctuary for this taping. We had a great group in attendance.

The Lord honors the willingness that precedes obedience. I had the awesome privilege to stand where my very first pastor stood, and teach God’s precious people with the same conviction and commitment to God’s word as he did. I stood in the sanctuary where so much of my discipleship occurred, where I learned the fundamentals of the faith. In this hallowed place our GRAND GOD took my wondering (and sometimes wandering) willingness and made a taping.

This taping, the Sweet Dreams Dream Curriculum Teaching, is now available on DVD for $20 + S&H. It is an introduction to dreams from God, and what should be the believer’s approach. Until we can get a Paypal link on this site, you may submit payment to Paypal using this email address: thequeenlife@gmail.com. [Note: You will see a different email address in the promo video (theremnantword@gmail.com), but it’s for information purposes. Place orders via Paypal at thequeenlife@gmail.com.]

Join us on the line next Tuesday, May 21st at 8PM Central. We’ll cover living the character of willingness. It’s going to be another good one…and, maybe not what you expect. The conference line is (218) 862-6400 and the access code is 6360503.

Until then, we thank the Lord for His investment in us. Blessings, Kingdom Queens.

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