The Pressure of Petition

Hello again, Kingdom Queens. Thank you again for living the character of petition! This last month was a blessing…keep looking at the men and young men in your life and know God is involved because of prayer.

We move forward this month and look at how to live the character of supplication. That’s why I titled this entry The Pressure of Petition. It describes what it can be like to pray for ourselves, especially if you and I are the people others come to for prayer. Pressure has several meanings: urgency of matters demanding attention, action of force against opposing force, constraint of circumstance, and what is felt in every direction by the weight of the atmosphere. Wow. I know, right?! When we consider the pressure we face, how do we approach God without whining, complaining, or venting? How do we offer supplication for change without using prayer for therapy (my pastor gets credit for that one!)? I submit that the pressure of petition is supplication.

Hannah introduced us to the character of supplication. We will revisit parts of her story to consider how to live this character. The definition of supplication, based on its first mention in 1 Samuel 13:12, has six applications.

  1. to be rubbed worn
  2. to entreat
  3. to make prayer
  4. to be sorry
  5. to make a suit or case (legal term)
  6. woman in travail

Here’s a checklist on Hannah:

    • She lives well under pressure.
    • She grows in the face of a constant enemy.
    • She prepared for prayer.
    • She recognized her discontent with the pressure (natural circumstance).
    • She recognized the time to make request of God.
    • She took her need to the only one who could answer.
    • She allowed herself to be driven to prayer…and then she prayed.
    • Her prayer was mistaken for bad behavior. (selah!)
    • She was personally committed to her need.
    • Her pressure produced persistence.
    • Her need caught up with God’s timing.
    • She survived embarrassment.
    • She discovered that a life existed beyond Peninnah.
    • She knew real peace when she made supplication in the timing of God.
    • She kept her vow.
    • She received more than what she asked.

Hannah has more to teach us. Join us on the line Tuesday, May 7th at 8PM Central for this lesson. It’s where I am in a certain area, and I know I’m not alone. The conference line is (218) 862-6400 and the code is 6360503.

Have a fantastic week!

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