Prayer, part three

Click here to listen: Prayer for the Men of God

We close this month as we began…in prayer. Join us on the line tonight at 8PM Central as we fulfill our obedience and complete our assignment to pray for men everywhere. Of all the calls, we only recorded this one (link is above) — prayer for the men of God. I pray it’s a blessing and encouragement to you (especially our brothers in Christ).

Prayer for others makes me more conscious of myself. This month we lived the character of petition for men everywhere, and also for others as God’s given prayer assignments. On its own prayer is a blessing and an opportunity to keep yielding my plans and perspectives to take on the one and only truth of God’s plan and perspective. Sometimes it is a sweet experience. At other times, it is my broken and contrite offering to the Father. But at all times prayer is active, intense, and working in me and on me.

To pray for others is also a blessing and a show of selflessness and a pure heart toward others. Even more, when there is a call and a trust by God to pray for others, that is humbling…and an absolute honor. My prayer is that not just the Kingdom Queens, but saints everywhere recognize our obligation to answer the call to prayer.

May the angels go with speed on the word of the Lord to answer our prayers for these men.

May we know the peace and the pleasure of God for a “well done” prayer for these men.

May God answer with haste the petitions that left His heart and escaped our lips for these men.

May these men feel the empowerment that only comes from the true and living God.

May resurrection come to families, companies, local churches, marriages, and all places where these men have impact.

May the seed stay in the ground and be always with nourishment at the proper time, in the proper season. May the planters and the waterers move with quick obedience. May God grant increase.

May God’s men be great in real-time, standing in the full and given authority and position of the dominion mandate (fruitful, multiply, replenish, subdue).

May Kingdom Queens be soft, safe, prudent, willing, merciful, and kind…always found in prayer (petition and supplication).

May the nations be changed through the lives of these men, according to God’s plan.


Thank you for the 100+ names you submitted. Let’s continue together in prayer. Dial in to the conference line at (218) 862-6400 and use code 6360503.

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