Prayer, part two

What’s with this “Crowns” thing in The Queen Life?

It is part of our royal metaphor on the path to reigning. It is the formal headdress of royalty. It is a public indication of right to occupy a certain seat. In scripture, the references to crown include:

  • gold crowns 
  • holy crown
  • the crown of the head
  • the crown royal
  • the king’s crown
  • a crown of glory
  • the crown of pride
  • the fallen crown
  • crown of thorns
  • the crown of old men
  • the crown of the wise
  • corruptible crown
  • joy and crown
  • crown of righteousness
  • a crown given
  • a crown of 12 stars

Some of these verses are generally stated, some are tied to a specific context, while others point to gender. This isn’t to get too deep; you may study this further if you like. I just want us to consider that for every crown there is a seat, and to remind us that God’s choice to lead is man

This may get me in trouble with those who lean toward a feminist gospel, and I mean no offense. But as we continue in prayer for men everywhere this month, we connect to God’s heart for His male creation to wear the right headdress and occupy the right seat. The truth is that many of us Kingdom Queens carry some weight that was not assigned and/or not ordained weight because a man is out of place. We do well with God’s backing, help and grace because we stepped in to fill a need. 

I believe our prayers agree with God’s will and invite His involvement to shift men everywhere into their proper places. Are we prepared to yield leadership back and trust God to help them like He’s helped us? In our hearts we want to see them lead, to be and all that God desires. That is what we want, right? Oh, help the gifted girl Lord — help us all. 

Well, let’s pray about it. Tonight we continue in prayer for God’s men. I’ll meet you on the line — (218) 862-6400, access code 6360503.

Love to all.


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