Prayer, part one

Prayer is central to royal living because it keeps us connected to the King. By it we learn to hear well so we can do well. We learn his heart for needs and things that may not be a concern to us now, but we become sensitive when we connect to Him in prayer.

This week we had the first call to pray for men everywhere — domestic and foreign soil, saved and unsaved. It was a time of petition and crying out to God. I believe we felt the grief of God at the condition of some, and His compassion to call others. It was intense, and deeply personal…and effective. I do not know if we will publish the recordings of these prayers.

Also, please accept my apologies for putting the wrong number out. The conference line number remains the same: (218) 862-6400, access code 6360503. We will be on for prayer again April 23rd and April 30th, at 8PM central.

You may continue to send in names to be covered in prayer to

Continue in prayer!

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