The April Prayer Appeal

Good day, Kingdom Queens!

There is a call to prayer this month that we’ve not received before in The Queen Life. Praise God for it. We will meet each Tuesday this month to meet the assignment. Whenever you can make the calls, you are most welcome. Brothers, you’re invited too!

On our regular first and third Tuesdays, we will revisit the queenly characteristics of safety and petition. Our first emphasis on being a woman who is safe took us to a contrast between Athaliah and Jehosheba. This time we will consider Joseph, the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. And you remember petition, don’t you? Those daughters of Zelophehad taught us about asking for a thing in a time the thing is being given. Join us April 2nd and 16th for these lessons, respectively — 8PM Central, 218.862.6400, access code 6360503.

A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call returns three times this month to answer the call to prayer. Our focus is men. We are praying for men: our husbands, brothers, fathers, cousins, pastors, professors, sons, brothers in the Lord, neighbors, uncles, friends, and friends of friends. We have specific orders to pray against perversion in all its forms, as well as anger, and a few other things. As with previous calls, you may submit your names to be covered in prayer by email to Join us on the line April 9th, 23rd, and 30th at 8PM Central, 218.862.6400, access code 6360503.

Kindgom Queens, this month we will demonstrate safety for one another and for the men in our lives (without the emotional neediness and clinging of an unhealthy soul tie). We will pray for the men in our lives because they need it, because the call is ours to pray this month, because our girls need options when it’s their time to choose and marry, and because we need their leadership in the earth, in the home, and in the Body of Christ.

So, here’s the schedule. Each Tuesday this month we are on the line at 8PM Central. Dial in at (218) 862-6400, and use access code 6360503.

April 2nd – Teaching Call (Topic: Safety)

April 9th – Prayer

April 16th – Teaching Call (Topic: Petition)

April 23rd – Prayer

April 30th – Prayer

Thank you for your agreement. And, send me your names! We will cover them all!

Blessings, Kingdom Queens. We continue to ascend.

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