Living the Character of Prudence

Click here to listen: Living Prudence

Click here for detailed notes: Handout-Living the Character of Prudence

One of the biggest encouragements from this lesson was that in some ways, we have walked in prudence all along. Hallelujah! God’s word confirmed for us the ways that we demonstrate prudence in everyday life.

By way of review, our “prudence fundamentals” come from Proverbs 19:14b

a prudent covenant keeper is from the Lord

God is the source of prudence, which makes prudence a spiritual quality and not a natural quality. It is attached to keeping covenant. Also, this is our working definition of prudence:

Prudence is the intelligent knowledge of the reason for something.


  1. Prudence works with wisdom to produce understanding and sound decisions.
  2. Prudence + knowledge = diligence.
  3. Prudence governs the natural senses by discernment and foresight.
  4. Prudence is the reward for regarding reproof.
  5. Prudence attracts the ear to hear God’s word.

Prayerfully, we are encouraged as these lessons are settling into our root systems, exposing lies we’ve believed and turning over soil for God’s truth to bear fruit in our lives. It’s exciting when we know we are living His way. We gain confidence to keep walking it out.

Smile, Kingdom Queens. In all labor there is profit, and we are benefitting from prudent living.

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