Showing Regard for God’s Word

Thy word have I hid [STORED UP] in mine heart, that I might not sin [GO WRONG, MISS THE WAY] against thee…I will meditate [MUSE, PONDER] in thy precepts, and have respect [REGARD] unto thy ways [PATH]. I will delight myself in thy statutes [WHAT YOU PRESCRIBED FOR ME]: I will not forget [IGNORE] thy word.

These verses are from Psalm 119:11, 15-16.

It’s good to review God’s word to us, to meditate on it. We are promised good success if we train our minds to constantly turn over His word in our minds. This means God’s word in all forms — visions, dreams, sermon notes, revelations from personal study, and more.

Some of our richest times of study are when we take time to be delighted in God’s word, to discover the joy and personal meaning in His word because we find we can live it. We find that we can do what He asks us to do.

My pastor says (and previous pastors have said) that it is better to master one scripture and live it than to know them all and master none. He advises our local church to stay in one verse or passage until we achieve mastery (life application).

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 19th, we begin a review of the queenly character traits. Many of you expressed “delight” at our lesson on PRUDENCE. Well, that is our first stop on this set of revisits. We will consider first how to communicate or live out the queenly character of prudence. It’s going to be good. Because these reviews will be heavy on scriptural content, my plan is to provide a quick reference handout for study.

Join us on the line at 8PM Central. Dial 218.862.6400 and use code 6360503. Let’s be intentional about regarding God’s word in all it’s forms. Amen? Amen.

Blessings on you today, Kingdom Queens. We’ll meet you on the line!

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