Your Next is Now

Good day, Kingdom Queens!

I want to share a word with you that my pastor (Brian R. Nelson, Sr. – Jericho City Champions Church) preached this Sunday. It is a clarion call for the body of Christ and confirms much of what I’m sure you’re hearing in your local church. The message is called “Your Next is Now” and the scripture text is Joshua 1:1-9.

This is a message about change, and how it is coming in your life. Expect things to change without notice, especially when you pray for God to take you deeper.

It is said that there is a “new devil at each new level”. This is not necessarily a devil, but the “devil” is procrastination and laziness that you and I are unprepared for the new level in God.

God does not change, but He set change in creation. Either you will prepare yourself for the change, or the change itself will prepare you (on the job training). Great change has to be protected by preparation, so you can maintain the change.

There are two ways that God works change.

  1. FROM THE INSIDE-OUT. God causes a change in you that causes or inspires you to make changes around you.
  2. FROM THE OUTSIDE-IN. God will cause things around you to change where you have to decide how to move forward. He will force you to make a personal change in you.

If you fail to change, then you miss the blessing of the change. Discern what God is trying to change in you by what He changes around you. The greater good is being produced inside of you.

What you think you is next or coming down the road a bit, is closer than you think. Your next is now.

Joshua 1:1-19 shows the change of transition. These people were born into Egyptian slavery. Nothing about them could believe God. So while the wilderness was not God’s desire, He had to let the doubt die. For you, it (wilderness time) was designed to renew your mind, not for you to lose your mind. God’s not going to leave you here; He’s going to take you there. The journey, though, will not come without change.

There is an announcement connected to the assignment (v. 1). Kingdom assignments often come with bad news to see if you can prioritize the assignment over the announcement. There’s no time to mourn, to think about it. There’s no time for revenge or reimbursement. There’s no time to wallow. Cry if you have to, but do it while walking. Moses is dead…so get up!

In the season of change, let God connect you to who is connected to Him. God spoke to Joshua about Joshua. Then, He spoke to Joshua about the people. Do not let the devil get in your mind and convince you to set yourself against your leader.

This is the “game” that counts. No one gets the championship belt/ring/trophy for being in the playoffs. Moses is an expired thing; don’t try to keep expired things alive.

God’s about to make an announcement. He’s got an assignment attached. Stop asking how. Stop asking who; you know who — YOU. He wants you now. He’s making you ready. Change is coming, but it’s a better change.

Blessings today, Kingdom Queens. I pray these excerpts are encouraging, confirming, and enlightening for where you are on the path. 

7 Comments on “Your Next is Now

  1. Man while I was reading it was like hearing pastor preaching all over again. GRREEEAAAAT Word it was and a great re-telling.

  2. WOW! THAT WAS AWESOME! Thanks much. I love “Cry if you have to, but do it while walking. Moses is dead, so get Up.

  3. I am just grateful to God how he has made ur anointing for simplicity & powerful!! This is a word for me

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