Love on Top

Love is the most important part of queenly character. So far we’ve covered a solid list of aspects of queenly character. Love is “the greatest of these” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Let’s look at the list from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. (These are restatements based on word studies.)

  • Love has long patience with long-enduring temper, and is gracious, showing itself useful (v. 4a).
  • Love has no indignation, jealousy or boiling. It has no motive to destroy (v. 4b).
  • Love does not boast. It is not swollen or inflated or blown up by pride (v. 4c).
  • Love is decent, becoming, and full of glory; it desires the other party’s affairs to succeed (v. 5a).
  • Love is not vexed or irritated when injured (v. 5b).
  • Love imagines no injury, nor takes an inventory or keeps a list or real wrong done (v. 5c).
  • Love is not well with unrighteousness, but is right with the revealed root of a matter (v. 6).
  • Love builds a roof, and with patience says nothing (v. 7).

Love is thorough, and this list judges our love walk. Daily, I know my infractions. I see where I lack love, and can question my willingness to “take the hit” for love’s sake. There are times when I want to dwell on a matter or a time when I was hurt or humiliated, but love is not irritated when injured. There are times when I want to say some things but love dictates silence. [I don’t know about you, but these lessons seemed to be timed about right for my life.] This list helps us measure ourselves, and it helps us understand God’s reach for us. His love is amazing.

Love is the revealer, the light and true strength behind Prudence, Petition, Safety, Judgment, Mercy, Supplication and Willingness.

That’s where we’ll pick up on the line tonight with Reigning in Love. Join us at 8PM Central (218.862.6400, code 6360503).


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