Whatever it takes, keep the standard

On this path to reigning, there are many offers. We accept some. We reject some. We learn along the way that some we accept we should have rejected, so we make the effort and get back in place. Some offers we missed because we rejected them when we should have said yes. 

It is in this process of accepting and rejecting offers that we come to understand the Standard. You know we have a standard, don’t you? One of the lessons this queenly character series reinforces for me is that I have to keep my standard. My godly standard, based on God’s word, is not up for negotiation. 

Recently I’ve come in contact with some who rejected me for my standard. It stung because the rejection was not expected. I mean, up front I communicated part of my standard. Yet they were surprised when I expressed my purpose to keep my standard. [Remember the character of judgment. We do not go down; they come up to us where God’s set us in position.] 

Then I thought of you. I thought of us. I thought of The Queen Life, and this experience confirmed in my soul that our Father rewards those who diligently seek Him. This call to royal living is real. Many of us accept this call. The expectations of royal living are just, yet many of us struggle with the separation because of the relationships that are cut. The standard of royal living is His, and the more we engage with God the more willing we are to uphold His standard.

Please, I encourage us today. Let’s do whatever it takes and keep the standard. Let’s keep our “Yes” to God. Let’s purpose to be a godly success…not a religious cliché. When your turn comes to stick with your standard, remember His nature in you — prudence, petition, judgment, mercy, supplication, safety, and willingness. Remember the standard, and keep it. 

Kingdom Queens, it’s working…from the inside out, the Word is working in us. Change is happening. We are transforming into a more Christlike image. Let’s continue. Godspeed.

3 Comments on “Whatever it takes, keep the standard

  1. This is an ON TIME WORD for me. Thank you for your diligence in sharing God’s word with the body of Christ! This past weekend we witnessed life transformation, chains being broken and bondages destroyed; however, if our young people are going to walk out this new life and resist the devil this word must become a principal in their lives! May God continue to bless you has you certainly are blessing others!

    • Praise God, and amen. I’m encouraged by your faithfulness to vision. I was on the site recently and am excited for the root you and your husband (and the team) are establishing. Still praying with…

  2. Hmmm, is my initial response. How much do we really care about our relationships? I have to ask myself do I really want to be like him or just resemble him. Do I really want to give up what I perceive as soo much for the sake of running alone.

    Again, Hmmm. God made us relational beings, therefore every relationalship that I reject I have to KNOW that HE is going to bring others along that I won’t miss or reject but they will fall right in line with who GOD has positioned them to run with.

    Hmmm. I’m I willing to wait?

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