The Character of Willingness

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Rebekah, the wife of Isaac

From Rebekah’s story in Genesis 24 we see the example of accepted willingness. This is the willingness that agrees with the plan that is offered. In verse 58 of this chapter her family asks Rebekah if she is willing to go and she says, “I will go.” Accepted willingness is when we agree with the plan presented to us, can acknowledge God’s presence in the plan, and willingly go to fulfill that plan.

Mary, the mother of Jesus

Mary teaches us borne willingness. This is the yielding of our heart to God’s will (or His willingness for us). A choice was made for her and she submitted to God’s plan (See Luke 1:26-38). God sent the angel to inform Mary that 1) she was favored, 2) she was blessed among women, 3) she did not need to fear, 4) she found favor with God, 5) would conceive a son and call his name Jesus and he will be called the Son of the Highest.

That’s quite a message, isn’t it? And Mary is famous for her response to the angel. She said, “Be it unto me according to thy word.”

Both Rebekah and Mary showed willingness to do things they never attempted before. One was qualified by her works; the other was qualified by her heart. One could have said no; the other could only say yes.

Consider, along with the previous characteristics of a Kingdom Queen, the character of willingness. Think about what door God’s opened, and what you will birth when you go through it. Imagine God’s great desire for you when you yield to His will. Rebekah gave birth to Esau and Jacob — two nations. Mary gave birth to Jesus…our Immanuel.

Willingness to reign on God’s terms is one of the most crucial elements of our reign. Selah, and best blessings on you Kingdom Queens!

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