The Character of Supplication

Click here to listen: The Character of Supplication

This was a powerful lesson about Hannah. From her we learn how to linger in God’s presence, how to pour out our hearts before Him, and how to persevere in prayer. This is not all, though. We learn much more.

Here are the main points covered:

  1. What God gives through supplication, to that and to God we are accountable.
  2. Supplication begins with personal commitment.
  3. When our needs catch up to or meet God’s need, then there is movement toward manifestation.

Consider as you listen the definition of supplication. There are six meanings related to this lesson. First, it is to be rubbed worn. Supplication is to entreat, to make prayer, and to be sorry. It is to make one’s case. And, it means a woman in travail.

We also considered the symbolism of Peninnah, Hannah’s sister-wife. They were both married to Elkanah. Peninnah represents the external voice of reminder and the internal voice of self-loathing and comparison. She represents the external voice of reminder — those who constantly throw up in our faces what we do not have and who we are not. It’s the provocation that inspires fear; and fear has torment (1 John 4:18).

She represents the internal voice of self-loathing and comparison. — the voice of sarcasm when we insult ourselves, the part of us that struggles to be grateful for God’s love and favor and commitment to us. She tries to convince us that we only have worth with the thing we do not yet have. For Hannah, it was a son. What is it for you?

I pray this lesson is a blessing. Selah, Kingdom Queens.

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