The Character of Judgment

Happy New Year, Kingdom Queens! Welcome to the Year of Establishment!

Deborah is our example in this edition of the Queenly Character Series. It is worth noting that the previous traits of petition and safety affected a nation. Judgment also affected a nation through Deborah.

Context: We meet Othniel, Ehud and Shamgar in Judges 3. Othniel was God’s answer after Israel repented for forgetting the Lord and serving Baals and Asherahs (v. 7). Ehud killed the king of Moab to end 18 years of oppression on Israel. Shamgar, also a deliverer, was a warrior who killed 600 men. In Judges 5, we get a glimpse of both the battle and the victory in Deborah’s song. Gideon was the next answer God sent to end seven years of Midianite oppression for Israel’s disobedience.

Here are some principles for your consideration.

  • Position of Judgment–Deborah sat under the palm tree, between Ramah and Bethel and in the mountains of Ephraim. Our position of judgment should be secure, hedged in by the presence, power and mind of Christ to rule as His ambassador.
  • Direction of Judgment–The people came up to Deborah for judgment. When God elevates us we need to stay in position. Low living and low thinking results in bad counsel. Stay up to give Godly counsel.
  • Judgment Comes with Power to Command–Deborah called Barak to her and gave him the Lord’s battle plan. Even when Barak changed the plan, Deborah remained fluid in her leadership. We as well have the power to command that comes with judgment or rendering decision. It should birth a caution and godly fear to act and lead wisely.
  • Judgment Considers All the Facts–Context is everything in decision-making. Deborah judged during a time of harsh oppression. She had to consider that her guidance affected the people’s response and approach to and in an oppressive environment. We too must consider the context of a situation before giving our ruling or judgment. Let’s not cater to emotional rant. Instead, cause the people to come up to us…ask the questions, get the context and judge well.
  • Loyalty Affects Judgment–In Judges 5:9-10 Deborah said her heart and loyalty are with the rulers of Israel who offered themselves willingly with the people. Where our treasure is, there also is our heart. Our heart follows our investment, and affects our service.

At the beginning of the year, let’s purpose to judge well and stay elevated where God promotes us. Let’s be aware of and know our flow. Amen.

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