Month: January 2013

Let’s Get to the Doing (Activation Prayer)

Click here to listen:¬†Activation Prayer Good day, Kingdom Queens! Thank you for sending your prayer requests! We had representation on the call from several states and agreement for the movement of your businesses, books, ministries, and education pursuits. Please, give the report as faith… Continue Reading “Let’s Get to the Doing (Activation Prayer)”

A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call

Kingdom Queens! Join us for another Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call. This time, our focus is on ACTIVATION. We want to pray for our ministries, businesses, books and other projects that are currently still undone or incomplete in some way. We want to pray for… Continue Reading “A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call”

The Character of Mercy

Click here to listen: ¬†The Character of Mercy Here’s a short recap of this powerful lesson! There is no reward for selective mercy. Consider Luke 6:36–it falls in the middle of a discourse on loving enemies, judging others and bearing fruit. The great reward… Continue Reading “The Character of Mercy”

Crown Check

Good day, Kingdom Queens! I want to check on you. How is your crown? That is, how are you balancing your responsibilities on the Path to Reigning? Truthfully, I have to keep breathing. I think about the “KEEP CALM AND..” signs. I have to… Continue Reading “Crown Check”

The truth about love that covers

We are still working with the first phrase of the popular 1 Corinthians 13 passage: Love suffers long and is kind. As we build out this phrase for life application, we learn about the covering of love. [See the blog entitled “Love Plumps Up”… Continue Reading “The truth about love that covers”

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