Mary Bailey: An Example of Prudence, Petition & Safety

Whether in real life or as a movie character, the examples of extraordinary women speak to us. So far in our queenly character series we studied prudence, petition, and safety. We find practical examples of these through Mary Bailey, George’s wife in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Prudence is the intelligent knowledge of the reason for something. Many of us know the flexibility it takes to live with, work with, serve with or under a visionary and learn to make the sacrifices for their vision to succeed. Mary Bailey was committed from day one because to be George’s wife was all she wanted. When she gave up their honeymoon money to save the building and loan, she prepared a place at the old mansion where they threw rocks that first night and made something special out of nothing. (I don’t know that I’d be willing to miss the flight and 5-star hotel!)

The daughters of Zelophehad taught us about bold petition, asking for a thing in the time it’s being given. Like those daughters, Mary shows the beauty of womanhood through humility, submission, and active possession of her home, marriage and family. When Uncle Billy mistakenly gave Mr. Potter the $8,000 deposit at the bank, and George went to Mr. Potter for help and said he lost the money, it was Mary who sent out an alert to all who George reached. At the end of the movie, when George’s home, life, business and reputation are restored (to himself), you hear Uncle Billy shouting, “It was Mary, George! She did it! She called up some people and said, ‘George is in trouble.’ Mary did it, George!” (Who sticks around long enough to be the solution?)

Jehosheba showed us the safety of a woman who has vision as well. When it comes to fight or flight, we have to know our default. Mine is flight…and if you’re like me, when things get too complicated or dramatic or sticky, you want to make a graceful exit out of the nearest door. But Mary Bailey, stuck with her desire…who was George Bailey. With four children, a large house in need of repair, and a moody lasso-the-moon husband, we do not see her bow and abandon the family because of a tough patch. (A will to fight, anyone?)

Maybe you’re not a Christmas movie buff. Maybe you’re curious enough to watch the movie…I hope you do! Either way, let’s take these little Christmas nuggets and enter our family dynamics today with greater insight.

We are not the “little girl” they knew…and she was lovely. We are not the memories they remember…and some of them were great. We are fascinating womanhood in process, and we know the purpose of these family relationships (prudence). We listen today more than we speak and learn how to pray for them (petition). Through any destructive patterns, we see hope and proof of life…and we extend our love to those places of life through faith-filled words (safety).

Merry Christmas with love, Kingdom Queens. Today of all days, let’s reign well.

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