What to do When the Fool Won’t Die

The following are sermon notes from a message preached by my cousin Pastor Danyelle Scroggins, Co-Pastor of New Vessels Ministries in Mansfield, Louisiana. She preached this final message in her annual women’s conference. This year’s theme was “Women at the Well”. What an incredible time of equipping! I include these notes because Pastor Danyelle made a connection between Abigail and the Samaritan woman that was worth noting for us all! I pray it’s a blessing to you…buckle up for truth!

Text: 1 Samuel 25:36-38

Introduction: A fool is difficult to be in relationship with…a fool is moody… wears masks… masters the art of hiding. It is hard to keep a fool on the right track because he/she despises sound wisdom.

Main Points:

    • To deal appropriately with a fool, expose it! In John 4, Jesus ushered the woman into a full confession. Know what triggers the fool in you… and make the fool die daily. The fool can be present, but it cannot be in control.
    • Let the law do what the church won’t do… that is, govern the fool by the law. The law of the Lord is perfect to convert the soul (Psalm 19:7), but souls are being pacified in the church. Apostle Paul said that by the law is the knowledge of sin (Romans 3:20).
    • In the text, Nabal’s heart turned to stone…he had a stroke and was paralyzed for ten days. The revelation: God needed to paralyze the fool in Nabal, just as we need to paralyze the fool in us. Whatever we feed gets stronger, and the fool gets fed when we do not realize that the fool is in us. Stop feeding the fool. Know your triggers.
    • A fool imitates, and when in control, there comes a time when it cannot be contained. Learn contentment while you fight to live your faith.
    • It took 10 days for God to kill Nabal because that was long enough for Nabal’s death to not be considered murder by Abigail. God took the weight for Abigail. Otherwise Abigail might have carried the penalty. It was a God thing!
    • In John 4 the revelation of truth led to perfect and true worship. It’s about what I am fit to do!

This was a strong word of personal accountability. No one has to put up with us or tolerate “the way we are”. We have the ability to die daily and not give place to our “inner fool”. As my cousin preached this powerful word, I thought about the character profile of a son of Belial that we studied in Abigail’s Call. I plan to review that list again to examine myself. Join me? Selah.

God bless you continually, Kingdom Queens.


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