The Character of Petition

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The daughters of Zelophehad appear in Numbers 27:1-11 as the daughters of ordained separation (Joseph > Manasseh > Machir > Gilead > Hepher > Zelophehad) and their experience turns the tide for the family.

About the daughters of Zelophehad:

    1. They were legitimate because their lineage was traceable to Manasseh.
    2. They were orderly in their approach. They followed protocol and did not create a stir.
    3. They were brave. This is the true nature of petition; it takes boldness.

Governing Principles for this Lesson:

  1. The royal character of petition asks for the need in the time the need is being met.
  2. It does not take faith to petition in a time when petitions are being granted; it takes boldness.
  3. Sometimes we can hide behind believing God instead of asking for what is available.
  4. Humility works with the character of petition.
  5. When it comes to petition, possession is active. (Example: A closed mouth does not get fed. A watched pot never boils.)
  6. Someone has to be first.
  7. The character of petition seeks possession, or the capture of a right or benefit.

What belongs to you, Kingdom Queens?

Daughters, what is your petition?

I strongly encourage you to hear this teaching. God’s continued blessings be upon you, Kingdom Queens.

One Comment on “The Character of Petition

  1. God is a God of Righteousness and
    Righteous Order. They received because they had a right to ask (for
    their inheritance), they were right in their request (it was theirs
    to ask for, since there was no heir) and lastly they were right to
    receive (hence God told Moses to allow it).

    Imagine if they had not
    worked the land and did what they were supposed to do. Then the
    request wouldn’t have been right and neither would it have been to
    right to receive.

    There is a saying on the streets that “you have to work what you got to get what you want”. That applies here and
    everywhere; it just has to be done righteously.

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