A Dual Approach to Building

Good day, Kingdom Queens!

While we address queenly character, I want to concurrently begin another phase of “building” us. This phase, referred to in a recent prayer call as a needed “steady diet”, is love. At the base of our actions is our motives, which should be grounded in love. Thus, what we consider through upcoming blogs on love will build us from the inside out, and address foundational needs to manifest in our actions and perceptions. Specific character lessons will build us from the inside out as well, but in a more stylistic and cosmetic way, and address our mental conditioning and predisposed approach to life and relationships.

Both phases of building are exact, necessary, and focused. That said, we begin with the “a clause” of 1 Corinthians 13:4. “Love suffereth long, and is kind.” After a word study, this is what we get:

Love has long patience with long-enduring temper, and is gracious, showing itself useful.

Let’s set the biblical standard of love or charity.

  • Love is not an impulse from feelings. How often do we intentionally determine to suffer long?
  • Love does not always agree with natural inclinations. Sometimes we do not want to be loving.
  • Love seeks the welfare of all, and works no ill to any. Has our love ever been toxic?
  • Love seeks the chance to do good to all men. How many times have we restricted our flow of love?

To suffer long is to be lenient and to patiently endure. Consider what we tell our sisters who model this face of love. We tell them to move on, or cut their losses, or try to empower them with the “you’re-not-a-doormat” gospel. My opinion: that comes well after we attempt to suffer long.

And let’s not forget kindness. The primary definition here (Strong’s #5541) is to show oneself useful. Other definitions are that our love is marked by goodwill, and a willingness to help, and grace. Grace is important because it softens the hard edges of our love, those rough ways we love in speech or deed. Grace (#5485) is the divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the life. Grace in love is proof that God’s touched our heart to love. Grace in love is the reflection of God in our lives.

This is a heavy start, right? We’ll keep it going with some love principles to challenge our foundation review. Let’s begin to keep our love walk before us as we allow the Father to introduce to us and perfect in us certain elements of queenly character.

On the next call we consider The Character of Petition. Please, if you can, join us on the line for a close look at the daughters of Zelophehad. It’s going to be a good one! Dial in to the line at (218) 862-6400, and use access code 6360503. We meet at 8PM central.

God bless you.

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