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Mary Bailey: An Example of Prudence, Petition & Safety

Whether in real life or as a movie character, the examples of extraordinary women speak to us. So far in our queenly character series we studied prudence, petition, and safety. We find practical examples of these through Mary Bailey, George’s wife in It’s A Wonderful… Continue Reading “Mary Bailey: An Example of Prudence, Petition & Safety”

The Character of Safety

Click here to listen: The Character of Safety The idea of safety came to me while speaking with a friend/ church member. She’s a wonderfully social extrovert who the Lord trusts to be “in the action” among the saints. She has a beautiful gift of… Continue Reading “The Character of Safety”

Love Plumps Up…(suffers long and is kind)

Recently, I shared my little plan…I called it a dual phase of building. While we study queenly character we will also study 1 Corinthians 13. We will address love as a motivation serving through godly character. We began with the “a clause” of 1 Corinthians… Continue Reading “Love Plumps Up…(suffers long and is kind)”

What to do When the Fool Won’t Die

The following are sermon notes from a message preached by my cousin Pastor Danyelle Scroggins, Co-Pastor of New Vessels Ministries in Mansfield, Louisiana. She preached this final message in her annual women’s conference. This year’s theme was “Women at the Well”. What an incredible… Continue Reading “What to do When the Fool Won’t Die”

The Character of Petition

Click here to listen: The Character of Petition The daughters of Zelophehad appear in Numbers 27:1-11 as the daughters of ordained separation (Joseph > Manasseh > Machir > Gilead > Hepher > Zelophehad) and their experience turns the tide for the family. About the daughters… Continue Reading “The Character of Petition”

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