Good day, Kingdom Queens! Our God is great!

I believe that reports are important to encourage faith as well as endorse operation in a gift or ministry. However, in prayer ministry it is not always the case that we learn what happened after we prayed. It is a beautiful thing to serve in prayer ministry AND to receive report of the Lord’s decision.

Since we agreed in prayer for the gifted girl, I am overwhelmed at how the Lord’s allowed different testimonies to come back to me! He ministered to so many of you, as well as encouraged your hearts. For some of you babies leaped. To that I say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

One sister said, “I didn’t know that there was someone who understood how I felt.” Isn’t that powerful? I’ve been in that place and when I received this report I rejoiced for this sister because knowing you are not alone can completely change your perspective!

Another sister’s name was called out in the prophetic portion of the prayer call for the gifted girl! I’m not sure how often the Lord leads (challenges) you in this kind of prayer, but I’m sure you understand my joy/relief to know the sister was on the call to hear the word for her. Amazing is our GOD!

Also, I received a beautiful email from one of you that struck me speechless. It was a confirmation of our prayer time together, and how the Lord ministered. He’s wonderful, I tell you! And we did it together! We set our faith in agreement for the performance of God’s will for the gifted girl everywhere.

Stick with us. We’re going somewhere! Where, you ask? To YOUR coronation.

God, bless the path to reigning. Selah.

Love to all.

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