The Gifted Girl, part one

This is both a tribute and an expose’…almost a manifesto. Please, take no offense at the use of “girl”. I like alliteration and “gifted girl” flows a bit better than “gifted lady” or “gifted woman”. I offer the following to build context around the upcoming prayer call, so we can pray and agree with understanding. For your reference, some supporting scripture references are included.

The GIFTED GIRL is just that, a lady with a LOT of gifts. She is the city on a hill that cannot be hidden (Matthew 5:14). Regardless of her schemes to stay in the background and support others, she often is thrust into the foreground because she is trustworthy, humble and seeks no spotlight.

The GIFTED GIRL is the five talent servant (Matthew 25:15-16), the multiplying factor in business, ministry and family. You give this sister an idea, or even part of an idea, and she can make it happen and produce for you. She sees in full process or strategy, from A to Z. It is part of her gift. She is the ultimate gift mix, and her ability to translate vision to strategic plan and action is rare, coveted and valued.

The GIFTED GIRL is a dreamer. She is almost always in a place of activation, her gifts running on all cylinders, because she is consulted for her vision. People casually ask for help, and she gives them a working plan. She does exceeding abundantly above what is asked of her…but other visions run on her power (Ephesians 3:20). This leaves her in compromising situations sometimes, because her pure motive is to help while others sometimes want to capitalize.

The GIFTED GIRL is precious to God and because of her tender heart (Psalm 37:4), is well watched over by the Father and His godly saints who want to protect her from strange alliances. She must be protected because her purity can blind her to people who intend manipulation or other kind of harm (Titus 1:15).

The GIFTED GIRL, after a season of being a part of others’ manifestation, gets frustrated at the lack of support for her efforts. She serves wholeheartedly, with no motive, but is hurt by the lack of “return” from people. This is when she submits her gifts to God (again), and asks Him to renew her faith in people. (Acts 9:27)

In the workplace, the GIFTED GIRL is likely an assistant of some kind–underpaid and over utilized. She is not on a promotion track, but if she’s absent the ship starts sinking. Her dedication is rewarded with material items, or favor with scheduling time off, but she is not taken seriously for management or leadership roles because her ability to focus is questioned.

In the church world, the GIFTED GIRL is the administrator, organizer, or the one who everyone talks about for being “everywhere”. She is visible against her will, but is qualified to get the job done. She only cares that the Kingdom advance. It does not have to be her word, her teaching, her service…she is content to help. But others do not step up.

Pastors see the GIFTED GIRL almost like the masters of the girl with the spirit of divination in Acts 16. She brings them great gain. She understands the order of the house, and the need to take the load off the leader and run with the vision, etc. Without proper teaching, boundaries or covering (including wise and protective husbands), she exhausts herself for the ministry…only to approach or achieve burnout and discover the work gets done without her, pure motives and all.

…more to come. I hope you see that the GIFTED GIRL needs prayer. Join us Tuesday, November 20th at 8PM central to pray for her. Email with specific names to cover on the prayer call. Take a break from cooking just long enough to agree with us for the GIFTED GIRL. Some of us know that this prayer time is for us personally. As a GIFTED GIRL, you can likely count on both hands the last time someone really prayed for you. Join us. It’ll be a blessing. (218) 862-6400, code 6360503.

Have a fantastic day, Kingdom Queens. Reign well.

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