The Character of Prudence

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Thank you for joining us for the initial lesson on Prudence. Wow, what a blessing. We began in Proverbs 19:14b, “…a prudent wife is from the Lord.” We did not focus on marriage but on the broader inference that a wife is a covenant keeper and that from means the source or cause of a thing. Thus, “a prudent covenant keeper comes out of the Lord” (paraphrase).

Prudent (#7919, Strong’s): circumspect; intelligent; the intelligent knowledge of the reason for something

The short version: All covenants require prudence, and only God produces prudence. God is the starting point of prudence. It is a quality that is worked in us, and then through us to others. 

If we operate knowing the reason for a thing, then we understand the value of our covenant. If we understand the value of our covenant, then we are more cautious about our ties and connections.

Cross References

The following are just a few references to Prudence in other places in scripture. They enhance our character profile of this quality.

    • Jeremiah 9:23-24. Prudence understands and knows God.
    • Proverbs 10:5a. Prudence gathers in summer, suggesting a sensitivity to seasons.
    • 1 Samuel 18:28-30. Prudence behaves well in the face of a powerful enemy, for the purpose of protecting her name.

This lesson encouraged us to re-assess our covenants and see if there is a present need to exercise prudence (to know the reason for this covenant). Maybe certain parties in the covenant are acting out, and we got sensitive and took it as a personal attack. In that, maybe we missed the lesson or the opportunity to embrace God’s impartation of prudence.

The mark of relationship and time spent with God is PRUDENCE. It is the way we stick and stay in our marriages, our local church, our business ventures and other projects, and our places of employment…all of our Godly covenants.

“…a prudent covenant keeper comes out of God.”

Be blessed.

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