Queenly Character Series Begins Nov. 6th!

Good day, Kingdom Queens!

This month, please mark two dates (or save them in your phones): November 6th and November 20th.

November 6th: Begins our series on Queenly Character. 8PM Central. (218) 862-6400, code 6360503. [Note: If you enter the code too quickly, you might get a message that the code is incorrect. If so, please dial in again and enter the code slower.]

November 20th: A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call. 8PM Central. See dial-in information above. Our prayer focus is the GIFTED GIRL...some of you know my position on and love for the Gifted Church Girl. She (we) need(s) prayer. Please, send the names of Gifted Girls to thequeenlife@gmail.com so that we can bring them before the Lord. Honestly, I was surprised (yet honored) at God’s endorsement on our last call. The reports are coming in from the call, and they are confirming what we all know: it is necessary to pray for women of God everywhere. Join us again, and bring someone with you this time.

Order of this series: These lessons will cover an unknown, unpopular or lightly discussed aspect of queenly character. We will craft a sort of profile for this characteristic and hopefully, seek to apply it immediately. Our first focus: PRUDENCE.

Companion blogs: As is our custom, companion blogs go out after each teaching call with a recording of the call. The blogs will most times recap the call so you can have the notes, as well as present another dynamic of the characteristic we studied. Also, they are meant to set us up for the next teaching call. I am particularly excited about this set of blogs! Stay tuned…

YOUR PARTICIPATION: I invite your participation in any of three ways.

  1. Comment on the blogs. I am no expert, but a facilitator. I know that God expands in you from these lessons..so share it. I’m sure it will be a blessing to us all.
  2. Email Kingdom Queen prayer requests to thequeenlife@gmail.com.
  3. Forward blogs and teaching call information to other sisters.

God bless you, Kingdom Queens. I’ll meet you on the line…

Shaunta D. Scroggins



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