The Power of Remembering

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In this final lesson of Esther’s Call II we learn how to remember a deliverance from God. Purim is the name for the two days of feasting, rejoicing and sending gifts — the alternative to taking spoil. Read Esther 9:27-32. These days are to be observed through all generations so the Jews and their seed would keep the memory of this deliverance from Haman’s plot of destruction. It is important to remember the restoration of broken things, to mark the dates where God intervened in human events and worked a mighty deliverance. But how do we remember?

If we are not this someone, then we know of someone who has a testimony. When we hear them though, we listened and we heard no joy, no celebration of God’s work in the situation. We maybe wondered where God fit in the story and what He did because the testimony was so full of struggle.  For Purim to continue through generations there was a way it was done. I want to offer these ways (with biblical example) for us to consider and apply.

  1. Tell It to Yourself. In Acts 26 Apostle Paul stands before King Agrippa to defend himself of the Jews’ charges. He says, “I think myself happy…because I shall answer for myself” (verse 2). There is something about a firsthand report that lends itself to integrity and achievement. God gives us the chance to tell of His deliverance from personal experience.
  2. Tell It to Your Seed. There are two definitions for seed. First, seed is the first action of something that will grow at a later time (e.g., money, compassion, words). Second, seed is what we produce or what comes out of us (e.g., children, business, ministry). David remembered God’s deliverance from the lion and the bear in 1 Samuel 17:33-36. He told Saul, unaware then that this was the seed for later battles.
  3. Tell It in the Fear of God, with God in Mind. Malachi 3:16 references the Book of Remembrance where  record is made before God of those who fear Him and “thought upon His name”.

Sooner or later, we have to separate from the pain of that situation to tell the story of God’s deliverance in a spirit of rejoicing. Let’s get to healing, Kingdom Queens. If you’re in the “Red Cross Tent” right now, don’t try to push your way up and out. Stay there and heal…so you can tell it! Amen.

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