Reverse the Work (Revealed Enemy, pt. 4)

We identified three strategies against your revealed enemy.

  1. Prevailing Providence

  2. The Positional Approach

  3. Reversing the Work of the Revealed Enemy

There is your revealed enemy, and there is the work of your revealed enemy. Separation from one does not guarantee separation from the other. Defeat of one does not mean the other is conquered.

After the king ordered Haman’s death in Esther 7, let’s look at what happened the same day (Esther 8:1-2). First, the king gave the house of Haman to queen Esther. Then, Esther uncovered the truth about her relationship with/to Mordecai to the king. Next, the king took off his ring and gave it to Mordecai (the ring he took back from Haman). Finally, Esther set Mordecai over the house of Haman.

Here are the principles of this “Reverse the Work” strategy.

Even your revealed enemy has a legacy. Beyond Haman’s death there was a work in progress to destroy the Jews. Esther was present enough in the situation to address Haman’s letters and appeal to the king for their reversal.

Containment is not elimination. Praying people, let’s not be too quick to rush to decision (judgment) on adverse or high-pressure situations. It is important to understand the attack, to seek God for the resolution of the matter. His end result is more important than what we think we hear or see. Proverbs 25:2 says, “It is the glory of God to conceal a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” We need God to help us eliminate a revealed enemy.

It is the nature of God to complete a thing. It is our nature too. The account of Esther shows God’s commitment to His people, as well as Esther’s commitment to follow the assignment to its end. Consider that we must be as committed as God is to our completion. It is possible to defeat the enemy, and then be taken out by the work…and that for several reasons. We have to decide to see the end of the enemy’s work, to see those destructive cycles done away. [See Philippians 1:3-6]

Don’t kill your enemy and leave his legacy to live. If Esther rejoiced at Haman’s death, the Jews would have been destroyed. Let’s pray for the God kind of commitment that completes the work…that allows God’s work in us to be perfected. And, that truly delivers us from evil.

Stay tuned, as soon as the technology cooperates, I will attach the recording of this lesson. God bless you, Kingdom Queens.

2 Comments on “Reverse the Work (Revealed Enemy, pt. 4)

  1. Thank you so much for this word! In this “microwave” generation, where we want instant gratification/results/rewards, even the Body of Christ needs to be reminded/taught that there is a need to FINISH THE WORK!!! We have a great tendency to fall prey to the enemy’s devices. We pray and fast and bind and loose, but we generally don’t go for the root. We leave the assignment of the enemy in tact and are then left in confusion when we are later defeated/wounded by the very thing that we fought, not realizing that it was only a partial victory. Thank you again, Lady Shaunta! You are bringing light to our Path! Excited to hear the broadcast!

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