We Have an Enemy and Enemies

Your Revealed Enemy, Pt. 1

This was a powerful lesson! Here’s what you’ll need to follow the recording (link above).

4 Principles to Set Perspective

  1. God has enemies, and because we are connected to God through Jesus Christ we have enemies too.

  2. Enemies are spiritual and natural.

  3. People can set themselves against us as our enemies, even if we pursue peace.

  4. When one belongs to God, God will reveal her enemy.


Scriptural Support–Keep in mind that the following passages are highlighted for their familiarity, not because they are the only support for these four principles.

Ephesians 6:10-16 > This passage is about spiritual preparation for spiritual battle. The phrase “we wrestle not against flesh and blood” is an encouragement to know that our greater battle is spiritual. It does not say that flesh and blood is not our enemy (we made it say that).

John 17:14 > In this entire chapter Jesus prays for His body, the church. He says that the world hates us because we are not of the world.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 > Paul shares his strategy for spiritual warfare. It is not fought in a fleshly manner or “after the flesh”.

2 Corinthians 11:12-15,26 > Paul explains how he discovered “false apostles” and “false brethren”. He talks of surviving perils with them. (Note: Being a peacemaker does not guarantee friendship.)

8 Considerations Concerning Your Revealed Enemy

  1. Your enemy will enlarge his target beyond you to remove every trace of you. (Esther 3:6)

  2. Your enemy has informants and supporters. (Esther 3:6)

  3. When your enemy sees there are more like you, then the attack is no longer just about you but inspired by you. (Esther 3:6)

  4. God will reveal your enemy, your enemy’s plot and confirm with witnesses. (Esther 4:4)

  5. You are allowed to express emotion when your enemy is revealed. (Esther 4:4)

  6. Be careful not to try to cover up another person’s grief. (Esther 4:4)

  7. When your revealed enemy has every natural advantage, you are to access spiritual power…and you are to do it with others (agreement). (Esther 4:16)

  8. When you are in the know, then you are no longer your concern. (Esther 4:16)

We had a great time on the call. Take a listen when you can this week. We are allowing the Father to add to our wisdom, understanding and knowledge. Prayerfully, you are receiving as much as I am from Esther’s Call II. God bless you!

Image: Haman

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