Month: July 2012

Remember Mercy

The story of Esther is rich because of its built-in neutralizer. One cannot be too proud and focus on the royal part or only Esther’s ascension. As well, one cannot be too happy about an enemy’s fall. After witnessing God’s prevailing providence, the best… Continue Reading “Remember Mercy”

I Can’t Plan on Your Promises

As we work through the Esther’s Call II lessons, I review them for morning devotions or I go elsewhere in Scripture. After the last teaching on Prevailing Providence I went to Colossians…and I saw something. It provoked meditation and I want to share some… Continue Reading “I Can’t Plan on Your Promises”

Prevailing Providence (with recording)

Your Revealed Enemy, Pt. 2 Kingdom Queens, it’s all about ability! Check out this brief and loaded lesson! The Lord blessed us!

Your Revealed Enemy, part 2

Join us on the line tonight. We consider the first strategy against your revealed enemy. 8PM Central Esther’s Call II “Your Revealed Enemy, part 2” (218) 862-6400,┬áCode: 6360503  

Leave no place for the devil

When we assign blame to an enemy, sometimes we forget we left the gate open. In the parable of the wheat and the tares (Matthew 13:24-30) Jesus explains what the kingdom is like in verse 24, Jesus presented another parable to them, saying,”The kingdom… Continue Reading “Leave no place for the devil”

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