Retained (When God Holds You)

The word for today is RETAINED. To be retained is to be kept in possession, kept in service, kept in mind and held secure and intact.

Years ago I wrote a bible study about Rebekah. She was Isaac’s wife, which made her Abraham’s daughter-in-law, and the mother of Jacob and Esau. She is one of my first thoughts of what it means to be retained (after my Milwaukee experience, of course). You can read about her in Genesis 24-27.

Rebekah is the woman who was called to stay, and then “suddenly” was discovered, approached, propositioned and then introduced to her future with Isaac. She was literally an answer to prayer.

The encouragement today is this: sometimes we can feel stuck or held up or delayed in one place and know we are close to the “more,” “greater” or whatever is next. I mean, we know it. We don’t hope it. It is tangible and beyond feeling. This knowing can cause us to be convinced that we are behind schedule…and frustration can set in, along with other things. We think we are ready to move, but there is one more piece of instruction and we are waiting for it.

Please look again Kingdom Queen, and enter into God’s rest. Could it be that God is holding you and me in this place or that place because someone else is praying to find us? Could it be that He needs us to manage our “knowing” and submit to Him and wait? You see, the way Rebekah was an answer to prayer was that she performed two actions of kindness and hospitality. To Abraham’s servant though, these actions were the signs by which he knew God chose her for Isaac’s wife and made his journey successful.

Reminder: It’s not all about us getting somewhere. There are times when we need grace to stay. Selah.

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