The Gospel According to George Bailey

Here is the link to the last session of Esther’s Call II: 061912 Retained by Grace and Favor

So how in the world do grace and favor relate to George Bailey? Thanks for asking! I’ll tell you.

One of the nuggets in the last session was that favor is defensive as well as offensive, meaning that not only does it create ways it also protects and shields. Esther obtained the grace and favor of the king and this is how she became queen (2:17). This same grace and favor is also how she remained queen. God held her in place for five years, until the news came about Haman’s plot.

And in my beautiful mind that reminded me of George Bailey. All his life he dreamed of getting out of Bedford Falls, but it turned out that is where he stayed. His brother Harry, who was alive because of George, went to college and became a military hero. Because his life turned out nothing like he planned, he underestimated his value and undervalued his blessings. George got what the movie called a gift; he saw what the world would be like if he’d never been born. After George walked in that other world and realized he was a stranger to all those he helped, he was unmarried with no children, and his father’s legacy ended when the building and loan closed…that is when he saw, like his guardian angel Clarence told him, “You see George, you really had a wonderful life.”

Did Esther know, way back then, that she was a heroine? Did she know that today, there would be salvation for the Gentile and we would teach and preach about her and learn from her example like we do? Could she understand then the far reaching implications to us now of her submission to her call, her king and her God?

And us. What about us? What if the Book of Esther was the Book of Shaunta? (fill your name in there) SELAH. Who is memorializing our example of courage, honor, and meticulous obedience? Someone is…I’m sure of it.

George Bailey and I want to encourage you. Don’t let mountains of debt send you over the edge (George’s experience began with a failed suicide attempt because of an $8,000 deficit.). Don’t let whatever drains you of your energy and takes your attention provoke you to judge yourself inaccurately.

On our way to where God is sending and taking us we are making a difference. Sometimes it helps to have a reminder. Our lives matter, and more than that, our Godly message is getting through to somebody. So, be encouraged George Bailey (that’s your name today, Kingdom Queen!), and accept that your life is wonderful. The bread you cast out weeks and months and years ago is coming back to feed you, and strengthen you as you move forward.

God bless.


4 Comments on “The Gospel According to George Bailey

  1. Wow, Lady Shaunta! THANK YOU FOR THAT CONFIRMATION & ENCOURAGEMENT!!! I thank God for you and your ministry! You ROCK!

  2. Because my steps are ordered by the Lord, and because all things work together for good according to God’s purpose for my life, y’know, I have finally realized that I can cease struggling to “make it happen”. It is God who has begun this marvelous work (me/my calling/divine purpose) and it is HE who will perform (bring it to His fulfillment, bringing me to His expected end) it!!! And every day He is doing just that!!! I have entered into His REST and it is liberating!!! Thank you Shaunta Scroggins and the Queen Life Call! #profoundlygrateful

    • Yes indeed, I loved what you shared about permission to enter the rest of God! Love it…#inthatboattoo

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