How Far Would You Go? (side bar)

Hello Kingdom Queen!

God bless you! I want to share an “aha” moment. There is a drink to which I am mildly addicted: Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein Vanilla Chai Tea. Once a week I have at least two. (Are you shaking your head yet? LOL)

This week though, I had the toughest time finding it. I was late to work every day because I went to a different store looking for my Bolthouse Farms. North Dallas–no. Downtown Dallas–no. Wal-Mart by the house–no. Wal-Mart on the way to work–no. Then, the obvious choice…the Albertson’s grocery store near my bank on one of the routes I take to work. I found it! Then it hit me. Look at how far I was willing to go for a drink…late to work and all.

By now, you know where I’m going with this. How much are you and I willing to sacrifice for our divine purpose? How much risk will we take? How far will we go? An extra 30 minutes in the morning, or in the evening to review the plan, go further in study, complete the research, or review the prophecy?

I hope my comical example provokes you beyond thought…to action.

Selah, and love to all.

2 Comments on “How Far Would You Go? (side bar)

  1. OMG this is such a simple and powerful truth!! a great reminder that i will go so far to please others & myself….but how far would i go to please God???

  2. Wow, yesterday I received a powerful Word of healing and restoration and just today I am seeking to do what I must to walk in it! And I’m just reading this post today & you ask how far, how long, how much sacrifice am I willing to exercise to fulfill my DIVINE PURPOSE?! “Speak Lord, I’m listening!…and I obey!” Thank you, Lady Shaunta for this confirmation, admonition and encouragement! God richly bless you!

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