Recap & Recording: The Power of Words

The Power of the Written Word

This is the link to the last session on The Power of the Written Word.

The Question–How effective would you and I be if we followed through like our enemy? With rage as his motivation, Haman actively moved forward his destructive plot to kill a people. But WE who have a better way, a better covenant, who hear God’s voice, are motivated by love and are led by His spirit…we tend to struggle with follow-through. As you listen and read Esther 3: 12-15 think about the Godly opposite. We want God to raise us up and put us in position to do what He put us here to do…just like the king did for Haman. We return to fruit; this letter was the early indication to Haman that he achieved success with his plan. One letter–copied multiple times–in multiple languages–going all over the province–in the name of the king…No wonder he and the king could celebrate over drinks (v. 15)!

One of the lessons in this short scripture passage is to use caution with confession. Do not tell me (or others, for that matter) what God said…if that is all you’re going to say! Move from the awe of the Word to the doing of it. Remember, if we only hear we deceive ourselves (James 1:22). The Body and the world is no better when we play small, only talking about what God said and taking a snail’s pace to achieve it. Consider Haman…

A Word to Writers–I emphasize the importance of the written word to God to encourage those who say God called them to publish a work. Whether it is your testimony or a book, a line of greeting cards or a simple bookmark, move beyond the limits you built. The fact that the Father gave you the writing assignment means you have the power to do it. There will be no fruit if we remain in struggle with the call. Submit to the call. Consider Haman…He was “not a writer” as some saints excuse themselves…all he had was big vision and motivation, and one letter was going all over the province!

You have divine help and backing! You have the guarantee of Scripture. He does cause you always to triumph. He does make you righteous. A definite ministry and message of reconciliation belong to you.

Belief Check–I challenge us to check our belief in God’s written word. Step back briefly from all that rhema, and monitor belief. Why do we believe God’s word is true? Not because of the vessel who gives it (e.g., the bishop, the pastor, the prophet). We believe God’s word because of the source! He is the source of the Word! God is true, and because of that we know His Word is true! If this is our belief, in truth, then we will be fruitful trees (John 15:5). We will flip our negative emphasis into a positive emphasis, and understand phrases like “without me you can do nothing” to mean that with Him I can do all things.

I pray that as you listen this lesson both opens your eyes further to Haman’s example of fruitfulness and pushes you to honor God’s written word through obedience.

God bless you, Kingdom Queens. Much love.

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  1. i am ready to move from awe to moving!! thanks for the encouragement!!!

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