The Power of the Written Word

Take a moment to consider how much reading you do in one day. Could you do your job without relying on something written down? I mean, what would your life be like if you took in all your information in a way other than by reading it? My life would become very silent…no books, emails, letters, cards, magazines…no more graduate school, no Bible, none of the things we read in TV shows (they’d begin and end with no direction), no more sewing…the list goes on.

The written word, and here I refer to the Bible, is the way we know:

  • the record of God’s faithfulness
  • the past, and can gather lessons from it
  • God’s consistency from one generation to another
  • that God calls people to write down His message
  • that sometimes, writing is the only way to get the Word out
  • God Himself

Yes, we offer worship and praise to God. Yes, we dance and wave flags and banners. We read poems. We even make bold prayers and confessions of faith. We prophesy and receive prophecy. We build ministry and launch efforts to reach others with the Gospel message. But based on what? On experience or feelings alone? God forbid. The foundation of our lives is God’s written word, our written logos…and from it are these various expressions.

Join us for the next lesson in the Esther’s Call II series.We will take a close look at the power of the written decree to destroy the Jews. It’s getting better and better!

Please consider that even when God allows a destructive plot to be formed He may not “swoop in” and just end it. He gives His people opportunity to seek Him and time to respond.

Tuesday, June 5th at 8PM Central (sharp!)
(218) 862-6400, code 6360503
Focus: Esther 3:12-15

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