Month: May 2012

The Power of the Written Word

Take a moment to consider how much reading you do in one day. Could you do your job without relying on something written down? I mean, what would your life be like if you took in all your information in a way other than… Continue Reading “The Power of the Written Word”

Your Highness, Do You Read?

Literacy has been called the “national disease” because of the far reach of consequences on the entire nation when one person cannot read. One illiterate person increases the cost burden for everyone else because concessions are created to convey messages in other ways, like… Continue Reading “Your Highness, Do You Read?”

Posture is Important

Resistance & Righteousness Resistance Prayer As children most of us received constant correction about our posture. “Sit up straight!” “Stand up straight!” Before we learned about the importance of calcium or the chance of later life bone disease we were challenged about sitting and… Continue Reading “Posture is Important”

Resistance & Righteousness

This is a friendly reminder to join us on the line for the next session of The Queen Life: Tuesday, May 15th 8PM Central (218) 862-6400, code 6360503 Focus: Esther 3:1-11

The Introduction, Esther’s Call II

My Prayer for You (Introduction) Introduction – Esther’s Call II We want to learn why God promotes us, and Esther still has more to show us through her life’s example. This time, we get to look closer at the other characters in the account–Mordecai,… Continue Reading “The Introduction, Esther’s Call II”

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